Brown Tulip and Gingham GlassBake Mugs

Today I went out antiquing and fell in love with these milk glass mugs with a brown tulip and gingham pattern on them. Since I had never seen anything with this pattern before, I had to research it!

A Little Background on Glassbake

At first I thought they were Pyrex, but they are actually Glassbake, a cousin of Pyrex. In 1917 The McKee Glass Company debuted their Glassbake ovenware as a competitor to Pyrex ovenware, a brand by Corning Glass Works. The name of the company comes from the founder, McKee Glasbak. Glasback was the original spelling for McKee's ovenware, but was changed to Glasbake sometime later. McKee Glass Company Later Glasbak would be spelled with an "e" Glasbake (1917-1953, followed by "Glasbake by McKee Divison of Thatcher Glass Corp., 1951-1961 and "Glasbake by Jeannette Glass, 1961-1983.
Thatcher Glass sold the Mckee factory in the 1960s to Jeanette Glass. Markings Glasbake made by Jeanette after 1961 usually have a J prefix followed by a number on the bottom of each piece. (Kitchen Glasswares off The Depression Years-Cathy and Gene Florence. You will also see sellers refer to their items as "Glassbake". And some sellers refer to every kind of ovenware as "Glassbake" . Glasbake: From Oven to Refrigerator The beauty of "Glasbake" was that it was designed to be able to be used for cooking, serving and storing. More and more, returning to the use of glass in today's kitchen is becoming popular on environmentally conscious homeowners. 

So one of the questions I had was whether these mugs could be put in the microwave. I bought them because I needed more coffee cups and this set was only $10.  Since these products were considered heat resistant and used for the oven, they are generally considered to be safe for microwave use.

They made this bakeware in a variety of fun and funky colors that aligned with popular kitchen design colors back in the day.  

While they do not make this kind of bakeware anymore, there are some very nice  options like the Pyrex Simply Store Pure Glass set. patterned bakeware by Pyrex, such as this Pyrex Simply Pure BPA-Free Glass Set. There are also some really nice vintage style bowl sets by Pyrex that are adorable!

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