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Vintage Tupperware: Is is Safe and Should we use it?

Do you remember Tupperware home parties!? I always loved Tupperware parties. Of course I was a kid then, but my mom would bring me along to parties she attended and she hosted a couple. While out antiquing this week, I bought this cool Tupperware Beverage Buddy to store my smoothies in (I typically make enough for 2 days). I'm sure the plasto-phobes will reproach me, but I feel like living dangerously today! After all, we GenXers survived life in the 70's. But honestly, our generation was not very informed about the harmful effects of products we trusted back then. Thanks to Google we are pretty woke these days to the dangers of industrial chemicals, especially the ones used to make plastic products.   According to The Green Guide, a website devoted to greener living and owned by the National Geographic Society, the safest plastics for repeated use in storing food are made from high-density polyethylene (HDPE, or plastic #2), low-density polyethylene (LDPE,

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