Vinyl Records & Turntables, Back to Stay?

So we know records are back, and if you are nostalgic like me, you have probably been scouring flea markets and antique stores to build your collection and fill it with some of those old-time favorites as well as some new, unfamiliar records to add to the mix. My collection has become rather large so I try to be a little more picky before I buy these days.

That being said, I came home with 7 albums last weekend! I had a weak moment. Heck, they were only $1 each—so I couldn’t pass that deal up! I'm proud of myself for putting back two. My record collection ranges from classic rock, disco, new wave, folk, blue grass, 1960's lounge and elevator music, old movie sound tracks, to classical music. 

It is interesting to see a vinyl record revival in the era of digital music, though. In recent years, new vinyl record sales outpaced digital music sales. And this is not taking into consideration the used/resale industry. The nice thing about vinyl is you can resell it, that is something you cannot do with digital music.

Of course with the comeback of vinyls, there is now a plethora of turntable style options to choose from. Last December, I had been searching for one that had a vintage 60's-70's look, of decent quality, good sound, and with both a radio and CD player. It wasn't easy finding what I wanted and my budget was under $200. I ended up sending back a few before finding the one pictured above from Amazon. I love its midcentury-retro vibe, and the fact that it is solid wood. The next task was to find a credenza or record stand to set it on. I was lucky to find this Danish modern midcentury Lu Van Inc. record player cabinet on Facebook Marketplace for a ridiculously low price. Do you think my turntable looks great on it!? Happy vintage vinyl shopping!

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