"Luck is believing you're lucky"

"Luck is believing you're lucky" That is a quote by Tennessee Williams from the screenplay, A Streetcar Named Desire. I used to think green only looked good on plants, and especially not on me. But, I REALLY liked this dress by Cynthia Rowley so I broke my green rejection rule. Well, it's just a tad of green, I'm doing green in baby steps. These vegan suede boots match nicely with the dress and cover my knees! At 52 years old, I am becoming a bit self conscious about me knees... and their defeat with gravity. Do people get knee lifts? I have not had plastic surgery nor is it something I have planned to do in the future. Who knows, I may change my feeling about that later. The outfit worked for today, Saint Patrick's Day They say green is an approachable color and that people who wear it are apt to be more successful. I don't know about that, but it would be nice if it were true! I love mixing new items with up-cycled things, whether it be a purse, shoes, gloves, hats or a 1950's wool sweater. I guess it's that midcentury [fox] nostalgia in me. ;)
If you like my look, I am wearing over the knee vegan suede boots by Gianni Bini, and the purse is a vintage find by Elliot Lucca, sister company of The Sak. Have a great week, and may the luck of the Irish be with you!

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