Did you know the flower petals and pods are edible? The blossoms, pods, seeds, and stems are used in Asian cuisine and for medicinal use. Visit this page to learn more! The only reason I know lotuses are used in cooking is because my significant began eating them 1976 when his Pakistani  friend's mom shared dishes with him told me they were edible. He also grew and sold his lotuses from his own pond for many years.

I love walking out to the pond and enjoying the breathtaking views of blooming Lotuses on this 1 acre pond! The lake is something I will miss most about the home when it is sold.

This house has something for everyone; the woman who appreciates country living in style, plenty of space for the kids and pets, and especially, the fisherman in the family. Bluegill, Redear, and Bass abound! Imagine the cookouts you can have in your man cave/barn! If you are interested in this home, visit Zillow goo.gl/FycmRd to learn more about this property! 


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